Nature of an art. It is anything that possesses beauty and that it has to be done by the hands. Therefore, nature is an art. But if we take a picture of the nature, then the photo becomes the art. This is how photography influenced art for art’s sake in this age.

There are so many people who are making every effort to become an artists. Nowadays, because of the development of computer, graphic arts are floating everywhere. Photography has a deep influence to Graphic arts. There are so many things to say about arts. Graphic artists uses photography in order to produce a good art. Numerous people would sacrifice their time for graphic designing but truly this is an amazing work of art. Actually, there are so many people who are now using the modern way of creating an art, and the computer and photos have to be used.

The modern society is now going to be careful of what they have to do. No matter what happens, art will be better when used with graphic designing. Photography increases the level of learning and the level of creativity in arts. In traditional arts, we can not project the 16  million colors but if we use technology, it is possible to use the 16 million colors in designing an art. This is how powerful photography is. Because of the use of photo arts in this age, many people have become photographers and are now pushing their dreams to be more and more artistic towards the brilliant light of arts.