A wedding is considered as one of the happiest and exciting events in a person’s life. A lot of preparations are being made before the wedding especially when it is a grand wedding. Most couples would choose to have their wedding held in a church. For some, they would choose a beach wedding or a garden wedding. One of the most important thing in a wedding is actually the photos to be taken. It will serve as a precious gift for the couple because it shows as their greatest and most unforgettable memory during their wedding.

So, if you are a photographer called to take pictures in a wedding, it is expected that you know the most important photo scenes. And if you are just new as a photographer, what are the wedding poses which you must not miss? You can follow the following tips in order to take a good and quality wedding pictures. Actually, these are the most important scenes to be taken in a wedding.

As you can see in the above infographic, there are different wedding poses which must be taken.

Tip #1: The bridal gown for the wedding ceremony. Before the wedding ceremony, it is very important to take a picture of the bride’s wedding dress.

Tip #2: The bride surrounded with her bride’s maids. This is also a memorable scene not only for the bride but also for the bride’s maids who participated in the wedding.

Tip #3: The bride walking down the aisle. This is very memorable for the bride. 

Tip #4: The father of the bride giving away his daughter. Never miss this scene. One of the saddest moment but also very memorable.

Tip #5: The bride and the groom’s first kiss. This scene is the most important. So, photographers must take this one.