There are various kinds of arts such as painting, sculpture, drawing, and a lot more. What about photography? Actually, it is also included in the arts. Why? It is because beauty is conveyed through the photos. With the use of digital cameras and smartphones, everyone can take beautiful and unique pictures. If you want to take unique pictures, the forest is a perfect place. Why? In fact, there are many unique kinds of living plants and organisms in there. There are also wild plants and animals.

Most photographers especially the professional ones go out and look for unique scenes and they take pictures of it. What are the most common scenes or views which are easy to take pictures of? Mountains, rivers, beaches, gardens, buildings and common plants are some of the most common views. If you want to take pictures of wild plants and animals, it is better to visit different places and countries.Taking pictures of anything you regard as beautiful is an art. Photos serve as a copy of memorable events in a person’s life. People usually take photos during special events such as birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. Nowadays, a trend is being spread all over the world. That is known as “selfie” or “groufie”.  Through the use of smartphones with good quality cameras, people make fun of their pictures. Nowadays, pictures can be edited for fun.If you want to remember a memorable event in your life, taking pictures is one of the best ways. So, express yourself and be artistic through photography!