We can see how valuable an  artwork is when we see people who are involved in artworks. Many people are so diligent in performing art in their life because they think that art is so valuable and that it is very important to make our surrounding happy and bright.There is something that we can not deny in terms of arts, that is we can not see how what beauty is if there is no art. Actually we have gotten the work of arts through nature but we are blind to see how beautiful nature is. Only when art was developed then we see now the true beauty around us. Thanks to the development of art. It is impossible to appreciate one’s ability without valuing the work of an art. Now, we also value artists who have made us happy and gay. This is how valuable artworks are and how precious they are in the mind of an artist. Nothing to make sure when there is a thing that blocks us to see the nature of an art.

Those who do not value art is no different to visually impaired people. The reason why we see is to value what we see and take care of what we see. However, we are lacking in realization and wisdom. All artists have to shine the light of an art so that people will value art and that we can appreciate beauty in them. Even though an art is something weirs, there is always beauty in it.